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MG995 MG996R MG946R Metal Standard Servo 180 Degree Digital Robot 20KG Servo

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MG995 MG996R Metal copper gear steering gear/55g server/remote control car/boat/13kg high torque steering gear
Structural material:simulated metal copper teeth
Length of connecting wire:30 cm, signal wire (yellow wire), red wire (power wire), brown (ground wire)
Response speed:0.17 seconds/60 degrees (4.8V) without load; 0.13 seconds/60 degrees (6.0V)
Locked-rotor torque;
Working dead zone:4 microseconds
Plug specifications:JR general
Working voltage; 3.0V-7.2V
Working torque:13KG/cm
Operating temperature:-30~+60→
Suitable models:biped robots/manipulators/remote control vehicles, suitable for 50-90 grade methanol fixed-wing aircraft and 26cc-50cc gasoline fixed-wing aircraft and other models
Accessories; steering wheel, fixing screws, damping rubber sleeve and aluminum sleeve.
The control of the steering gear generally requires a time base pulse of about 20ms. The high-level part of the pulse is generally the angle control pulse part in the range of 0.5ms-2.5ms, with a total interval of 2ms. Taking the 180 degree angle servo as an example, the corresponding control relationship is as follows
0.5ms————–0 degrees
1.0ms————45 degrees
1.5ms————90 degrees
2.0ms———–135 degrees
2.5ms———–180 degrees
Uses:1:10 and 1:8 flat sports cars, off-road vehicles, trucks, trucks, climbing vehicles, biped robots, manipulators, remote control boats, suitable for 50-90 methanol fixed-wing aircraft and 26cc-50cc gasoline fixed Wing aircraft and other models.
360 degree steering gear:Actually equivalent to a geared motor with infinitely variable speed, which can control speed and direction. There is no 0-360 degree angle control function. The control method is the same as the control signal of a general steering gear. It is a suitable power source for Wali modification
(When the high level is 1 millisecond to 1.5 milliseconds, the steering gear will rotate forward (the forward rotation speed is the fastest at 1 millisecond, the closer it is to 1.5 milliseconds, the slower, the steering gear will stop at 1.5 milliseconds), the high level is 1.5 milliseconds~2 The servo reverses at milliseconds (the servo stops at 1.5 milliseconds, the closer to 2 milliseconds, the faster the reverse speed, and the fastest reverse at 2 milliseconds)
Package included
1 x Servo

Weight0.067 kg


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