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Geekcreit ZVS 1800W 12V-48V 40A High Frequency induction Heating Module without Tap

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Update information
The old version of the cooling fan is powered directly from the motherboard through the buck module, and is now powered by the AC100-220V power adapter. (From April 9, 2019, CN warehouse)
The new version is update to adds supporting water pump and supporting insulation sleeve for copper ring. (From November 22, 2019, CN warehouse)
This products maximum power 1800W, adopted super PCB layout design and super heat sink, heat dissipation good, since with a cooling fan interface, can also do Tesla discharge, generator voltage inverter, etc..
This induction heating circuit uses 12-48V low voltage DC power supply, maximum current 40A, the most highest power is 1800W. It can work continuously under the condition of good heat dissipation. Due to its moderate power, it can be used by DIY players to give smaller players the parts can be treated by quenching, annealing and other heat treatment. You can also be melted with graphite crucible Kim, Silver, Copper, aluminum and other metal, heating evenly, is fast and very convenient.
In this test, the maximum power is close to 1600W, and the maximum current is 35A. This product is available at under the condition of good heat dissipation, the utility model can work continuously for hours.
Product parameter
Product size:180mm x 90mm x 80mm (Manual measurement, error about 3mm, please understand)
Heater ring inner:70mm (Recommended crucible + quartz suit, maximum support of 58mm crucible)
Input voltage:12V-48V recommend:36V above
Power requirements:less than 12V≥10A , 15V above≥15A
Maximum power:1800W
Maximum current:40A
About power supply
Be careful not to overload. When the current is greater than 20A the power output voltage will be reduced.
You can use
48V >40A (highly recommended, can play the maximum performance)
36V >35A
24V >30A
12V >20A
Recommended power:Product ID:1279188
1. The power of heating is very large, except that the plate and components are hot, and the heat of copper tube is very high. The buyer can prepare water cooling system separately, can buy a small water pump and 2 meters of inner diameter of 4mm rubber hose.
2. You must pay attention to when using switch power supply, because the high-power switching power supply usually have soft start function, namely the output voltage is slowly rising, and if the voltage rise to 10V before connected induction heating circuit will be caused by lacking voltage lead to circuit can’t afford to vibrate, so that the two MOS tube conduction and burned components at the same time, so be sure to switch the power supply voltage stability and then access the induction heating circuit.
3. When heating the metal objects do not to heat too large metal, otherwise it may be overloaded with power, please add a 35A fuse or ammeter and air switch will be better. (package does not inclues)
4. Although this drive plate can withstand more than 40A current, but it is recommended that not exceed 48V 35A to prevent accidents and damage.
5. Package comes with heating circle diameter is 60 mm, design voltage is 36V, if you use more than 40 voltage power supply shall be used for inner diameter 70 mm above diameter heating ring, water pump use 12V dc power supply, please use separate power supply voltage regulator module to avoid burn out fan and water pump.
6. The minimum input voltage of the module is 12V, it doesn’t mean all the 12V power supply can be used, some novice buyers may use a smaller power supply. This module has specific voltage and current requirements, the voltage 12V current must be more than 10A power supply can be used, if the power is too low will lead to the power output is greatly reduced, when the voltage is lower than 12V, it will lead to two MOS at the same time conduction, will burn MOS tube;
7. If you find that the MOS tube fever, then the first thing to consider whether the power output meets the requirements.
8. Do not empty the board, otherwise it will issue a very high frequency of noise, and then MOS tube will burn out
9. Induction heating is recommended to use 36V 20A power supply, 12V power supply is too small heating almost no response, and 12V power supply easily lead to the power supply output voltage decreases, below 12V is very dangerous
10. Induction heating power is great, so fever is normal, be sure to do a good job of cooling.
11. Induction heating, the power recommended more than 48V 50A switching power supply. More than 24V power supply, then more than 20A power supply, the greater the voltage, the greater the current, the greater the heating power, heating faster.
Package includes
1 x PCB board
1 x 48V copper tube
1 x Water pump

Weight1.074 kg


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