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TLV3501 High-speed Waveform Comparator Frequency Meter Front-end Shaping Module Tester

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The TLV3501 is a single-channel high-speed push-pull output comparator with a delay time of 4.5ns and a supply voltage:+ 2.7V to + 5.5V. With an input common-mode range beyond the swing input, it is ideal for low-voltage applications. Rail-to-rail output can directly drive CMOS or TTL logic. This module can reshape a wide voltage range periodic signal. It can be used as a front-end conditioning module for time-domain measurements such as frequency and phase difference. It can also be used as a front-end module for the digital frequency meter of the 2015 National College Student Electronic Design Competition.
The major feature of this module:sine wave, square wave, and triangle wave can be shaped without threshold setting, and become square wave, which is convenient to use and does not need debugging. At the same time, it has good scalability and only needs to modify a few originals.
Technical indicators
1. Supply voltage:2.7-5VDC
2. Input voltage:8-1000mV (effective value)
3. Output level:Rail-to-rail output, can directly drive TTL / CMOS level
4. Input frequency:1Hz–120MHz, as small as 1Hz
5. Interface form:SMA female (external screw inner hole)
6. Input impedance:20K ohm
Product use
1. Sine wave to square wave
2. Zero-crossing comparator
3.General purpose comparator
Package includes
1 x Frequency Meter

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