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5pcs 2.4G Wireless Remote Control Module Transmitter and Receiver Module Kit Transmission Reception Communication 6 Channel Output

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TY24D-TX is the transmitting module, TY24D-RX is the receiving module. The transmitting module only needs to provide 3.3V power supply and transmitting button and one LED as the transmitting status indication. The output port corresponding to the receiving module can output the level signal, and the module has the output status. Select to select the latched or non-latched mode. There are 6 input ports for transmission, corresponding to the 6 output ports received, which can be extended to 64 channels. The 6 channels can work independently or at the same time without interference. The module adopts the learning code mode and the module has a single ID number. A remote controller can arbitrarily learn the ID address and data channel of a receiving module. The receiving module has a learning and prohibiting learning function to prevent illegal learning of the same type of remote controller, and the application security level is high. The module is small in size, low in power consumption, and easy to use. The transmitter module only needs to design a button board according to the remote control shell. The receiving module has no peripheral parts, and does not need any programming. The coding chip is very convenient and simple to use, and multiple sets of products can be simultaneously Use without interfering with each other, effectively solve the problem that 315/433M remote control products cannot be launched at the same time.
RX mode conversion function
Latch mode:RX output port is normally 0 level state, press the button once, receive the output high level and latch, press the button again, the receiving output becomes 0 level, the B8 port needs to be connected to GND.
Non-latching mode:Press and hold the transmit button, receive the output high level, release the button, and receive 0 level. The B8 port needs to be connected to VDD.
Pair code and disable code function
TX and RX must be used for the code. RX can only identify the TX with successful code. After the code is successful, the B7 code port must be disconnected (floating) to prohibit other TX pairs, preventing other remote controllers from illegally controlling the code. Your receiving device. The receiving pair code port does not limit the number of pairs of the remote controller (multiple send 1 version) in the allowable code status, allowing several remote control code to be determined by the owner. If the receiving module (RX) is replaced after the code is coded, the original remote control (TX) needs to be re-coded. The remote control can only control its own receiving device. If a remote controller and its receiving device are paired with the code, then learn the other. Receiving the device and learning successfully, the receiving device will no longer receive the information of the remote controller and automatically clear the remote controller. If you need to use this remote control, you need to re-receive the device pair code. The password is a unique 32-bit address that is sent to the other party when the code is paired. Each transmission or reception can only store a unique password. If the code is re-coded, the original password will be cleared.
Package included
5 x TY24D-TX Module
5 x TY24D-RX Module

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