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116ML Hot Air Stirling Engine Model Generator Motor Educational Steam Power Toy

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Boiler capacity:a maximum of 116ML with a single water addition
Material:Bottom plate made of Bakelite, painted on the surface, brass, aluminum alloy
-Aerodynamics are rich in knowledge of physics, single cylinder combustion engine. Engine principle is intuitive, educational toys,
teaching experimental equipment can effectively cultivate children’s interest in learning can also be used for classroom teaching, more intuitive and easy to understand.
-As the external combustion engine to avoid the traditional internal combustion engine of the explosion to do work, in order to achieve a high efficiency, low noise, low pollution and low operating costs.
1.Add alcohol in the alcohol lamp (to avoid machine oil fume pollution, please do not use fuel other than alcohol jiare)
2.Igniting the alcohol lamp under the premise of safety
3.After the water is boiled, the flywheel can be started when the cylinder has steam.
4.The machine must not touch any position other than the flywheel during the heating process to avoid high-temperature burns. Children should use the machine under adult supervision.
5.When the steam engine is not in use, pour the water out of the boiler
Please note
Prohibit dry burning! First of all, water should be added from the water inlet (preferably
with water for injection and the machine does not contain injection) to heat the boiler.
The water vapor tube has been connected to the steam engine through the base.
After the water boils, the flywheel can be operated.
Package included
1 x Steam Engine Boiler Model

Weight1.176 kg


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