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502C HIFI 2x50W TPA3116 AUX+ bluetooth 5.0 HIFI High Power Digital Amplifier Stereo Board AMP Amplificador Home theater

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This is 502C HIFI,If you need other parameters, please click ID to buy.
1002 HIFI ID:1652632
502L MINI ID:1652630
1002L MINI ID:1652631
Audio input:AUX+bluetooth
Work voltage:9-24V DC
Cooling fin:Large
1. This product is full of materials, featuring high performance and high performance price, especially for HIFI music power amplifier with high power and high fidelity.
2. TPA3116D2 is a type D amplifier IC launched by TI company, which has very high index parameters.The maximum modulation frequency is 1.2MHZ, and the high power output distortion is less than 0.1%.
3. The red and gray ring inductors are specially designed for digital power amplifiers, featuring low loss, high bandwidth and high fidelity.
4. The 684 film capacitor is a special capacitor for audio amplifier, which has the characteristics of low loss, high bandwidth and high fidelity.
5. With AUX and bluetooth two audio source input mode, two in one.
5. Potentiometer adjust volume, easy to control volume, very suitable for DIY speakers.
6. Copper DC female head, fence terminal, withstand large current, no heat, no damage to the line, good wiring, not easy to short circuit.
7. 5.0 bluetooth version, higher transmission efficiency, longer transmission distance.
1. The case needs to be assembled by yourself. Free screwdriver.
2. Notes for use:the power switch on the board is standby switch, and the machine is in standby state with low power consumption after the switch is turned off. To completely turn off the power or to remove the DC plug on the machine for a long time, it is ok.
Question and Answer
1. How to choose a power supply
– The power supply with the board is critical. The higher the voltage, the higher the current and the better the output power. If you only have 12V 1A, you can bring a 3-4 inch speaker. If you are 19V 5A or above, there is no problem with 8-10 inches, and the power supply must be highly valued. If the voltage is too low, the sound will be distorted after the sound is amplified. If the current is too small, the speaker will pull the voltage low, work abnormally or the sound quality will deteriorate.
– It is recommended to use 18V19V24V power supply with current above 3A. If you only have 9V12V or 1A 2A power supply, it can also be used but the power is small. Please pay attention to the maximum volume when using it, which may affect the sound quality.
2. How to choose a speaker
– Commonly used speakers are generally 8 ohms, can not distinguish between positive and negative, the effect is the same, 4 ohm speakers can also be used.
– If your speaker power is small, it may be used between 10W-30W. The power supply voltage is small to prevent the amplifier from burning out after burning. For example, select a power supply below 15V.
– If you are a 50W-200w speaker, don’t worry about the speaker burnout. You can choose 12-24V power supply. The higher the voltage you choose, the louder the output sound or power.
3. How to choose Bluetooth or AUX audio input mode
– Power on the power amplifier, connect the speaker, turn the audio knob blue light to turn on, turn on the phone settings – Bluetooth – search for ‘BT-WUZHI’, and then click the connection, there will be a beep when the connection is successful, this When it is in Bluetooth mode, you can play music. The next time you power on, it will automatically connect with the phone.
– If you want to use AUX audio input, then disconnect the Bluetooth connection, there will be a voice prompt, insert the audio cable to play music. In AUX (LINE IN) mode, Bluetooth is automatically switched to Bluetooth mode.
4. When the sound becomes louder, the phenomenon of turbid sound appears.
The sound is distorted. Please change the adapter power supply with a higher voltage rating.
5. After the sound becomes louder, the sound is stuck.
– The input power is insufficient, and the power supply itself is intermittently powered off. Please replace the power supply with a larger power.
– Or the output power is too large, the power amplifier board is seriously heated, and thermal protection occurs, reducing power usage or enhancing heat dissipation.
Package Included
1 x 2*50W TPA3116 AUX+ bluetooth 5.0 HIFI High Power Digital Amplifier
1 x Shell Kit(If you chose version with shell)

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