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60A DC Brush Motor Speed Controller forward Reverse PWM Control Pulse Width Speed Digital Display 10-55V/3KW

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The main purpose
1. All kinds of general-purpose DC brush motor speed control
2. Various types of automotive motor speed control (automobile cooling fan speed control, car fan speed control, car wiper motor speed control, car air conditioning fan speed control)
3. Production line conveyor speed control, pipeline exhaust fan speed regulation, treadmill speed regulation, multiple computer fan parallel speed regulation, electronic fan speed regulation
4. Various types of DC bulb dimming, various types of DC heater thermostat
1. With the load, the potentiometer can be adjusted linearly, and the output can be adjusted without load.
2. The ship type switch controls the output to realize the positive stop of the motor.
3. When the potentiometer is 100K with switch, when the switch is closed or the ship type switch is in the middle position, the motor brakes, that is, the motor is short-circuited by the relay.
4. With digital display function, it can display the duty cycle of the governor.
Technical indicators
(1) Working voltage:DC 10-55V Wide operating voltage range
(2) Control power:0.01-3000W (maximum instantaneous starting current 60A, long-term working current should be controlled within 30A.)
Different working voltages correspond to different control powers as follows;
When the working voltage is 12V, 12V*60A = 720W
When the working voltage is 24V 24V*60A =1440W
Operating voltage 36V 36V*60A = 2160W
Operating voltage 40V 40V*60A = 2400W
Operating voltage 50V 50V*60A =3000W
(3) Quiescent current:0.04A (the quiescent current will not exceed 40ma when the operating voltage is between DC10V and DC50V)
(4) PWM duty cycle:0%-100%
(5) PWM frequency:15khz
(6) Working temperature:-20 — 40 (the ambient temperature is minus 20 degrees to 40 degrees above zero) The governor is of industrial quality and can work stably in the environment below zero. The general commercial grade quality governor It is not allowed to work stably below zero.
Dimensions of the circuit board:length 128mm, width 98mm, height 38mm (excluding the adjustment part of the potentiometer)
Package includes
1 x Controller

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