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5pcs 6mA 3-100CM Adjustable infrared Digital Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module

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Working voltage:DC 3.8V-5.5V
Working current (5V):typical current 6mA
Input and output signals (3 lines):GND, VCC is power, and VCC is 3.8V-5.5V
Obstacle detection time (range from obstacle-free to obstacle-free or obstacle-free to obstacle-free)
Working Principle:Sensors actively emit infrared light, according to reflected light detection, if detected obstacles, OUT foot output 0, otherwise 1.
Detection distance (test environment, indoor, maximum power, Voltage 5V, power consumption 6.5ma)
1. white walls:100cm
2. IBM black computer cover:20cm
3.1 fingers:18cm
4. palm:30cm
5. a transparent pearl pen:20cm
The new version has been greatly improved and has been gradually improving.
1. super miniature and designed with mechanical mounting holes.
2. Low power consumption, wide operating voltage range. The transmitting signal adopts modulation signal, long distance, good anti-jamming, and can work outdoors under non-direct sunlight (the distance will be shorter).
3. distance adjustable, ranging from 3cm-100cm.
4. Obstacle avoidance uses window technology to avoid the problem of critical zone. The sensor works stably. The user can directly use the output signal without considering the signal jumping.
There are many precise adjustable potentiometers on the board, which can be adjusted according to the use environment. The adjusting range is from 3cm to 100cm. Because it is a reflection principle, it is related to the specific reflection target and can be adjusted according to the situation.
The circuit board has a red LED that emits light when obstacles are detected. OUT output continues to be low. Obstacle-free is OUT output continues to be high.
Sensor active infrared reflectance detection, so the reflectance and shape of the target is the key to the detection range, in which the black detection range is the smallest, the white is the largest; small area object distance, large area distance.
Package Included
5 x Obstacle Avoidance Sensor

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