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48V Wind Generator Controller 500W Wind Turbine Generator Controller

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Package list
1x Controller
Rated battery voltage:48V
Wind generator braking voltage:60V
Wind generator recover voltage:54V
Protection class:IP67
1. Verify that the wind turbine output voltage matches the rated voltage of the battery.
2. Wire in the following order, first connect the positive and negative terminals of the battery, and then connect the three-phase voltage output of the fan.
3. Please carefully connect the battery and the wind turbine to the controller according to the instructions. Connecting the reverse polarity or the wrong position will cause the system to work abnormally and may even cause damage to the system components.
4. Although the controller has taken protective measures against various possible accidents, it is strongly recommended that users strictly abide by the operating procedures to prevent damage to the battery and controller.
1. Connect the “+ Inch and “- Inch of the battery to the positive and negative terminals of the battery of the controller.
2. Connect the three-phase output voltage of the wind turbine to the three-phase voltage input terminal of the controller fan.
3. When manual brake is required, short the red thin wire to the positive battery, that is, complete the manual brake function. To cancel this function, just disconnect the thin red wire.
Indicator status
– When the controller green power (BATTERY) indicator is on, it indicates that the battery is connected properly.
– When the controller’s green fan access (WIND) indicator flashes, it indicates that the wind turbine is connected. The speed of the flashing reflects the speed of the fan.
– When the controller red (BRAKE) indicator is on, the battery is fully charged, the wind turbine is automatically braked, or the brake is automatically activated due to overcurrent protection.

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