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220V/380V 1.5KW/2.2KW Variable Frequency Drive VFD inverter

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Voltage and Power Watts 380V 2.2KW / Voltage and Power Watts 380V 1.5KW / Voltage and Power Watts 220V 2.2KW / Voltage and Power Watts 220V 1.5KW /

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220V 1.5KW / 220V 2.2KW / 380V 1.5KW / 380V 2.2KW for Option
220V/380V 1.5KW/2.2KW Variable Frequency Drive VFD Inverter
The VFD can be used for constant torque loads (eg hard start:air compressor, HVAC unit) and variable torque loads
(eg pumps, fans, etc.).
It can be used as a motor speed control and phase converter. The input to this VFD is 1 or 3 depending on your preference.
When you use this VFD, you can control different speeds as needed.
Can be used:lathes, milling cutters, car hoists, pumps and conveyors, etc., and then perform well. The project uses a sine wave PWN (SPWM) as the control system for excellent performance.
1) PID control; advanced calculus PID closed-loop algorithm, fast response and strong adaptability;
2) Simple PLC function can realize 16 speed and inverter control function;
3) RS485 communication port, using standard international MODBUS main circuit control;
4) It has strong anti-interference ability;
5) Low output torque 0.5HZ-150%, low speed running capacity;
6) Carrier adjustable 16KHZ, completely silent working environment;
7) Wide voltage working area, 304V-456V normal operation;
8) Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) technology to ensure inverter load capacity;
9) Synchronous and non-synchronized various control technologies to dynamically achieve fast start without changing the brake;
10) It has perfect error protection and short-circuit protection protection;
Tech parameters:1) Input voltage:220V (+/- 15%) / 380V (+/- 15%).
2) Output voltage:220VAC or 380VAC
3) Input frequency:48 – 63 Hz
4) Output frequency:0 – 500Hz
5) Input phase:1 phase or 3 phase (220V is 1 phase, 380V is 3 phase)
6) Output phase:1 or 3 phases (220V for 1 or 3 phases, 380V for 3 phases)
Inverter Series:WK-9000/NF-9000
Control Mode:SPWM
Input Power:330~440Vfor 380V power; 170~240V for 220V power
5 Digits Display & Status Indicator Lamp:Displaying frequency, current, revolution, voltage, counter, temperature,
forward or reserve running, and fault, etc.
Communication Control:RS-485
Operation Temperature:-10~40℃
Humidity:0-95% Relative Humidity(without dew)
Vibration:Below 0.5G
Protection Functions
:Overload Protection:Electronic relay protection motor
Drive(for constant torque 150%/1 min. for the kinds of fan 120%/1min.)
FUSE Protection:FUSE broken, Motor stops.
Over-voltage:DC Voltage >400V for 220V class
DC Voltage >800V for 380V class
Low Voltage:DC Voltage
DC Voltage
Instant Stop and Restart:Restarted by frequency track after instantaneous stop.
Stall Prevention:Anti-stall during Acc / Dec run
Output End Shorts:Electronic circuit protecting
Other Functions:Fin over-heat protection, restriction of reverse running,direct start after
power on, fault reset, parameter lock PID,one-drive-more, etc.
Package includes
1 x Variable Frequency Drive VFD Inverter (220V 1.5KW / 220V 2.2KW / 380 1.5KW / 380V 2.2KW for Option:)

Weight 1.5 kg


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