10/20/30A 12V-24V Solar Panel Battery Regulator Charge Controller USB LCD Charger

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Current 10A / Current 20A / Current 30A /

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10/20/30A 12V-24V Solar Panel Battery Regulator Charge Controller USB LCD Charger
Style(Option):10A / 20A / 30A
Voltage:12 / 24V
Size:About 2.5cm * 13.3cm * 6.8cm / 1′ * 5.2′ * 2.7′
– Industrial master chip is adopted
– Large screen LCD display, adjustable charge and discharge parameters
– Complete 3-stage PWM charging management
– Built in over-current / short-circuit protection, open circuit protection and reverse connection protection, all of which are self-healing and do not damage the controller
– Dual MOS anti backflow circuit, ultra low calorific value
Package Includes
1 * Solar Panel Controller
– The 10A controller uses the solar panel in 130W
– The 20A controller uses the solar panel in 360W
– The 30A controller uses the solar panel in 390W
– The controller first connects to the battery and then connects to the solar panel
– The installation location of the controller and battery pack should be far away from high temperature and humidity, and also away from flammable and explosive materials. When using, please place the controller in a ventilated place, do not cover the controller or install it on the car
– The controller is 12v24v automatic adaptation. When installing for the first time, make sure that the battery has enough voltage, so that the controller can identify the correct battery type
– Install the controller close to the battery as far as possible, so as to avoid voltage drop caused by too long wire and affect the judgment of normal voltage
– This controller is only applicable to all kinds of lead-acid batteries (including openings, seals, gels, etc.), please do not use it for other batteries (including lithium batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries, etc.)
– The controller can only use photovoltaic panel as charging source, do not use DC or other power supply as charging source
– The controller will generate heat when running. Please install the controller on a flat and well ventilated surface
1. How many watts of solar panels can be connected to each of 10A, 20A, and 30A
Within 10A120W, within 20A240W, within 30A360W
2. Q:Does this controller support lithium batteries
Answer:Currently, only lead-acid batteries (including open, sealed, and gel batteries) are supported, but lithium batteries are not supported (please do not connect lithium batteries to the risk of charging and explosion)
3. Q:My solar panel is 36V200W, can I charge a 12V battery
Answer:When charging a 12V battery, the working voltage of the solar panel is between 17-23V, and when charging a 24V battery, the working voltage of the solar panel is between 36-46V. Please confirm the power and working voltage of the solar panel, it can be used within this range, if it is too large, it will damage the controller
4. Q:Can the inverter be connected to the load end of the controller
Answer:Please connect the inverter directly to the battery, not to the load end of the controller
5. Q:Does the controller have requirements for battery capacity
Answer:No, as long as the voltage corresponds to it (but the maximum current of the panel corresponds to the battery capacity), for example:the current of the solar panel is 5A, the battery capacity is preferably 50AH, the current of the solar panel is 10A, the battery capacity is the best It’s 100AH. Don’t use a big board to charge a small battery, it will be dangerous
6. Question:How to connect the solar panel, battery and controller in the order of connection
Answer:Please be sure to connect the battery first (to ensure sufficient battery power) before connecting the solar panel. When disassembling, please disassemble the solar panel first, and then disassemble the battery. Please connect in strict order, otherwise the controller and other components may be damaged

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