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110V-240V 2 Ports 2.1A 5V Wall Charger Adapter USB Hub Quick Charge Phone Mobile EU Plug

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☆Product Name:2a charging head Mouse mobile phone charger plug 2-in-1 mobile phone charger set
☆Wide voltage input:AC 110V-220V 50HZ/60HZ
☆Input voltage:110V-240V
☆Output current:5V-2.1A
Mobile phone charger is used correctly
1. All mobile phone chargers are actually composed of a stable power supply (primarily a regulated power supply, a stable operating voltage and a current), plus necessary constant current, voltage limiting, and time-limited control circuits.
2. When charging the phone for the first time, it should be as long as possible – 3 hours is better. Avoid overcharging. Excessively charge the battery to more than 100. Because the lithium battery overcharge is dangerous, if you use the inchovercharged chargerinch and buy the device inchlithium battery with rough quality protection circuit boardinch, then it is no different when waiting for fire! Do not expose the battery Under high temperature or cold, like a three-day sky, you should not put your mobile phone in the car, and expose it to the sun; or take it in an air-conditioned room and put it in a place where it is blown straight.
3. When charging, it is normal for the charger case to have a little heat, but it cannot be inchhigh feverinch. In order to avoid this, it is good to charge at room temperature (about 26 degrees), and do not cover anything on the machine. Stay away from any gold letters. Mobile phone batteries should avoid contact with gold and silver jewelry, watches, metal ornaments, pins, etc., just in case. Because when the socket of the mobile phone battery touches the conductor, a short circuit occurs, which causes the battery temperature to rise. The high temperature causes the chemical substances in the battery to volatilize, which generates a very dangerous gas, and even an explosion may occur in severe cases. Do not recharge the battery when it is not used up. This will not only damage the battery, but also shorten its service life. You should develop a good habit of charging when you run out of electricity.
1. Built-in IC control protection circuit, over-voltage and over-current protection, maximum protection of charging safety, high charging efficiency and fast speed.
2. Applicable models:For iPad/iPhone/Samsung/HTC/Sony/Millet/LG/Nokia/Motorola/Blackberry, etc. All models on the market , mainstream brands.
3.Durable Design:Robust textured casing and premium internal components ensure perfect performance regardless of scrapes, bumps, or drops.
4. Safety experience, comprehensively improve the efficiency of charging and discharging.
5. Only IC can bring nine protection:temperature protection, short circuit protection, Reset protection, input over voltage protection, input anti-reverse protection, output over-current protection, output over-voltage protection, battery over-charge protection, battery PTC protection .
Package Includes
1x charger
1x USB cable

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