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10pcs 4.5V – 24V To 0.8V-12V DC-DC Buck Step Down Converter Adjustable Power Module

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Material:Circuit Board
Input Voltage:4.5V – 24V
Output Adjust Voltage:0.8V-12V
Output Fixed Voltage:3.3V 5V 9V 12V ( just need to shorting pads)
Output Current:3A (Max)
Long Time Working Current:2.1A
Conversion Efficiency:97.5% (Maximum 6.5V to 5V 0.7A)
Switch Frequency:500kHZ
Output Ripple:20mV (12V to 5V 3A)
Welding Hole Spacing:2.54mm
Load Regulation:± 1%
Voltage Regulation rate:± 0.5%
Dynamic Response Speed:5% 200uS
Output Short Circuit Protection:YES
Input Reverse Protection:No
Enable control:high level work, the low level not work, the high level of 2-5V, the low level of about 0V. Default internal pull up to the input positive
Application areas
DIY mobile power, monitor power supply, embed regulator, camera power supply, car power, communications equipment supply, Vehicle mounted power supply, Security monitoring, Industrial control board, Household electrical appliances etc.
– The maximum output current 3A, a long time running 2.1A, the margin is sufficient. 3A run for about 20 seconds into the chip to protect against overheating, can be cooled by the chip cooling work in 3A current.
– the use of new design, circuit design does not require electrolytic capacitors and tantalum capacitors (electrolytic capacitor life is short, tantalum capacitor explosion risk). Using the current high-end circuit on the use of large-size solid-state ceramic capacitors (MCC) 3pcs.
– The use of non-isolated DC synchronous rectification, circuit conversion efficiency is very high, in 6.5V to 5V 0.7A when the efficiency of up to 97.5%, 12V to 5V 1A time also reached 94%.
– The use of one-piece forming inductors, ultra-low resistance, to maximize the conversion efficiency. Reduce heat, improve efficiency, lower than ordinary shielding inductance heat.
– Ultra-low quiescent current, 12V input and output 5V voltage, with LED lights under the case of light – the static current is less than 0.45 mA. Connected to the car battery without the need for switching, can be connected to the lighter line, or ACC line.
– Output integrated adjustable and fixed voltage, fixed output is not necessary to customize, directly on the board can be spot welding, the special voltage can be used potentiometer adjustment, versatility is very strong.
– Output with LED light instructions to facilitate the visual indication of a voltage output.
– With the enabled port, the default is the operating mode, low level off, for the control to bring convenience
– Can be used to replace the 78 series linear regulator.
– Input and output are used 2.54mm pitch pinhole, and 7805 pin spacing, easy to use processing.
Package Includes
10 x Step Down Buck Module

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