3pcs Single Power Supply DC10-24V 22Hz-300Hz Subwoofer Preamp Board Low Pass Filter Module

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Special Reminder
This board is a heavy bass preamp board. It will not sound when directly connected to the horn. It must be connected to a pure final stage power amplifier board to make an active subwoofer. The power of the pure final stage power amplifier board is selected according to the shock level of individual needs. The higher the power of the pure final stage amplifier, the more shocking the bass effect will be. The so-called low-pass filter board filters out the high-pitched parts above the human voice, and retains the low-frequency part to zoom in to improve the bass playback strength, and does not hear human voices and high-frequency instrument sounds during playback.
1. All components are selected as new first-class products. The frequency adjustment capacitors are made of original CBB capacitors. The adjustable potentiometers are made of fully sealed type. The input and output terminals are made of pure copper terminals. The wiring is very convenient.
2. The op amp uses the Texas NE5532, and the IC holder can be soldered at any time to feel the effect of different op amps and enhance the playability.
3. Designed with LED indicators to monitor power status in real time.
4. The PCB design of this board is simple and beautiful, and the wiring is reasonable, which makes the board have a very high signal-to-noise ratio and strong anti-interference ability. There is almost no noise near the horn when there is no signal input.
The main parameters
Power supply voltage:DC10-24V single power supply
Frequency range:22Hz-300Hz
Audio input:mono or dual channel
Audio output:mono
PCB specification:78x32mm, thickness:1.6mm
PCB material:super hardness FR-4 fiberglass board
Finished board net weight:30g
Plate fixing hole center spacing:70x24mm, hole diameter:3.2mm
Potentiometer shaft center distance:32.5mm
Package includes
3 x Preamp Board

Weight 0.09 kg


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