Modbus RTU Octal Relay Module RS485 / TTL UART 8 inputs 8 Outputs Switch Board

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1. Onboard mature and stable STM8S103K3T6 MCU and MAX485 level conversion chip
2. Communication protocol:support standard Modbus RTU protocol
3. Communication interface:support TTL UART interface with RS485 / 5V level
4. Communication baud rate:4800/9600/19200, default 9600bps, support to save after power off
5. The signal range of optocoupler input:DC3.3-30V (this input cannot be used for relay control)
6. Output signal:relay switch signal, support manual, flash off, flash off mode, flash off / flash delay base is 0.1S, maximum flash off / flash time can be set to OxFFFF * 0.1S = 6553.5S
7. Device address:range 1-255, default 255, support to save after power off
8. Baud rate, input signal, relay status, device address can be read using software / command
9. On-board 8-channel 5V, 10A / 250v AC, 10A / 30vDC relay, which can be continuously attracted 100,000 times, with diode bleed protection, short response time
10. Onboard relay switch indicator
11. STM8 SWIM program is reserved for programming, supporting customers to download their own firmware for secondary development
12. Power supply voltage:DC7-30V, 5.08mm terminal power supply
Package includes
1 x Realy board
1. VCC, GND:DC7-30V 5.08mm power input terminal
2. DC3.3-30V optocoupler signal input
IN1-IN8:Positive channel 1-8
GND_IN:Channel 1-8 common negative
3. A+, B-:RS485 communication interface, A +, B- are connected to A +, B- of external control terminal respectively
4. 5V, SWIM, GND, NRST:STM8 SWIM program download port
5. TXD, RXD, GND:TTL level UART communication interface, TXD, RXD, GND are connected to RXD, TXD, GND of the external control terminal, only support 5V level TTL module / MCU. Use wiring order suggestion:Modbus Power-Modbus module connects to TTL module-TTL module is powered on
6. RST:MCU reset button
7. Relay switch signal output
NO:Normally open, the relay hangs before pull-in, short-circuit with COM after pull-in
NC:Normally closed end, the relay is short-circuited with COM before pull-in, and hangs up after pull-in

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