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formaldehyde Detector Monitor Dart Sensor Module Support WZ-S

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1. The sensor is very sensitive and should not be used before strong air convection, such as a fan. Vulnerable to other gases, such as alcohol, perfume, other aldehydes and mildew.
2. Do not expose to high temperature, high humidity and high aldehyde pollution.
3. In an outdoor or ventilated room, it is normal to have a formaldehyde content of 0 or close to 0. For the first time, please use it for more than half an hour.
4. Since the working current of the detector is too small, only 30ma, some charging treasures will automatically power off, please replace the charging treasure that supports the small current mode.
5. Note that when measuring, please close the door and window as much as possible, the personnel should not be close to the air or move around, the large interference will affect the measurement, and the result is the most accurate after standing for half an hour. After the measurement is completed, put the instrument in the box and place it in a place where the concentration of formaldehyde is relatively low. Because it is an electrochemical sensor, where the concentration of formaldehyde is high, it is easy to make the sensor overload for a long time, resulting in a long time of 0 in the next measurement. (The recovery period after overload is longer, it may take 1-2 days to slowly dissipate)
Formaldehyde value:(Depending on the country and region, the following are reference values)
Less than 0.02 is excellent
0.02-0.05 is good
0.05-0.08 is qualified
Above 0.08 is over standard, above 0.2 is severely exceeded
Package includes
1 x Formaldehyde Detector

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