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3000W induction Heating Machine Built-in Power Meter Water Shortage Protection Overload Protection Parameter Setting

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1. Using 1.6mm thickness military-grade PCB design, copper thickness 2OZ, large current and good heat dissipation;
2. 120mm cooling fan;
3. Use custom oversized high-power heat sink to ensure the heat dissipation of the MOS tube;
4. The output terminal uses three M4 copper poles in parallel, in addition to the heating coil, it can be connected to a high-voltage package or a high-frequency transformer, etc.;
5. Using six original IRFP260 and one original MKPH capacitor in parallel resonance, high power and high efficiency;
6. This product can work continuously for a long time when the heat dissipation conditions reach the standard.
7. The integrated design of power meter and control system is adopted, which is convenient to use;
8. Integrated control to avoid complicated wiring;
9. The heating ring is wrapped with heat-resistant thermal insulation material to prevent short circuits during heating;
10. Add a digital current overload protection switch, once it is overloaded, it will automatically cut off the heating protection circuit in time;
11. The color LCD screen displays the various operating parameters of the system, including voltage, current, power, temperature and capacitance of the motherboard, and can easily switch between Chinese and English with one key. The maximum allowable power can be set by the power meter, and the maximum work can be exceeded during work. The power immediately enters the overload protection mode.
12. Button control, and external foot control, convenient for different scenes.
13. The water cooling system is protected against water shortage.
1. Dimensions:237 x 150 x 96 (mm).
2. Operating voltage:12-48V
3. Maximum operating voltage:48V
4. Maximum power:3000W
5. Maximum current:60A
6. Inner diameter of the heating ring:60mm
Package included
Type1:host+DC12V2A power supply+heating ring+water pump+graphite crucible
Type2:host+DC12V2A power supply+heating ring+water pump+graphite crucible+DC48V 50A power supply
Type3:host+DC12V2A power supply+heating ring+water pump
Precautions for use
1. In any case, no airborne power is allowed (empty load refers to the output port does not connect to any load), once the empty load will cause the board to make high frequency noise, which will lead to the MOS pipe completely damaged, can not be repaired;
2. When using switch power supply, you should note, because high-power switching power supply generally has a slow start function, that is, when the initial output voltage slowly rise, and if the voltage rises to 11V before the induction heating circuit will be due to the voltage is not enough to cause the circuit not to vist, so that two MOS pipes at the same time on and burn the components, so it is important to switch the power supply voltage after stability and then access the induction heating circuit, can be connected between the power supply and the motherboard an air switch;
3. This circuit is very strict on the power supply, 12V power supply must use more than 500W power supply, 24V greater than 1200W, 36V greater than 2000W, 48V greater than 30 00W(recommended operating voltage 48V);
4. Whether used at any voltage as long as the operating current is less than 60A will not burn out of the circuit, the maximum current setting of the power meter can be set to 60A, high power running heat is inevitable, so be sure to do a good job of cooling.
5. The operating voltage must never be lower than 12V.
6. Heating machine when working heating ring will produce a high heat, it is recommended to use water-cooled cooling ring cooling, so as not to cause damage to the motherboard, conditional use of cold water into, hot water diameter discharge into the sewer way.
7. The power input is marked with aplus-sign and must not be reversed!
8. Do not load power on empty (here empty means that the output is not connected to any load and the heating ring does not heat the object is not empty).
How to use
1. According to the wiring diagram way to connect the wires, carefully check, not staggered.
2. Plug in the 12V2A power supply to the AC110V-220V to see if the pump and fan are working properly.
3. If the pump fan is working properly, plug in the DC48V power supply to AC220V and wait about a few seconds to see if the voltage display of the power meter on the motherboard is about 48V.
4. If the voltage display is correct, press the ‘M’ reset power meter on the power meter, then press ‘on/ON’ to turn on heating, the green light comes on and when you see the current in the power meter, the heating is turned on.
5. Want to turn off heating press ‘reset/RSET’ off heating, green light off, power meter current zero.
6. This heating plate with overload protection and system water shortage protection, if the pump is not working properly or the water shortage system in the pump will automatically protect the cut-off heating, the red light lights up
7. The maximum current and minimum input voltage maximum input voltage and maximum power alarm can be set, the detailed setting can be found in the attachment, power meter setting method.
8, if the use of red light on heating stop, first check whether there is water flow in the pump, if the water is normal, see if the maximum current alarm is exceeded, the default maximum alarm current is 60A,the power is3 200W.
9 If a current voltage or power alarm is generated to stop heating and then the heating needs to be switched on again after the alarm is lifted, the power meter must be reset by pressing the ‘M’ button of the power meter before heating can be turned on.
A wiring diagram
The pump connection method:

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