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2Pcs Golden Seal IRF240 IRF9240 Field Effect Tube Amplifier Board Class A Power Amplifier Stereo AMP DIY Home Audio

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1. Use original IRF240 IRF9240 MOS tube.
2. The input coupling capacitor adopts German imported Weimar capacitor 50V/3.3UF, and the electrolytic capacitor signal main circuit adopts imported famous brand.
3. The resistance adopts five-ring metal resistance, and the main loop adopts five-ring metal film resistance with an accuracy of ÷1%, which ensures a good signal-to-noise ratio of the whole machine.
4.PCB adopts 1.6mm thick double-sided board, 2.0 ounce copper thickness, full tin spraying process to ensure good passing performance of large and small currents. First-class PCB quality.
5. The wiring layout of the whole circuit board is quite rigorous and reasonable, and the overall PCB wiring adopts one-point grounding. The power amplifier board is stable and reliable, and the output power is large; the sound is beautiful and round, and the sound field is wide. Strong three-dimensional sense, low frequency is stable and powerful, the signal-to-noise ratio is very good, the dynamic range is wide; the details are clear, the transient response is excellent, and all kinds of music can be played easily, and it has a very good performance in the family’s playback environment.
Basic parameters
Power supply:+-35V (recommended to use dual 24V AC + rectifier and filter) It is best to power each channel independently
Power:80W (+-35V 4 ┯) 1 channel
THD is 0.012% into 1 kilohertz and full power
THD is 0.015% into 10 kilohertz and full power
Board size:110 (including corner aluminum) *90*25 (height)
Circuit board size:90*85 MM
Magnification:30 times
Measuring quiescent current:measuring the voltage at the two ends of AB point on the board
Package included
2PCS Tube Amplifier Board

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