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24V 36V 48V 60V BMS 6-20S 50A 80A 120A 150A 3.2V LifePo4 Battery Protection Board with Temperature Control Separate Port Version

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Current 50A / Current 80A / Current 120A /

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1. The current of the selected protection board is different, the number or model of the MOS tube on the board is different, the actual product shall prevail
2. For batteries with different numbers of strings, you only need to short-circuit the cable from B+ to the number of strings you need.
3. Do not insert the flat wire into the terminal before connecting the protection board, remember! Wrong cable connection will burn the protection board!
4. Connect the ribbon cable and the battery in order, check that the adjacent voltage is correct, and then insert the ribbon cable; then use a short and thick wire to connect to B-, and then to C-(P-).
5. Please install the protection board close to the negative pole of the battery. The wire connecting B- should be as short and thick as possible, and the length should be controlled within 10cm. It is recommended that the 50A version use 4 square wires and the 80A version use 6 square wires. The B- connection is too long or too thin will cause a series of problems such as failure to start, power failure during operation and so on.
The board adopts mature protection circuit, original dedicated protection IC, 100A high current low internal resistance MOS (single MOS internal resistance as low as 4.2 milliohms), with perfect and stable charging and discharging protection functions.
Small size and large current can be used in large current occasions such as electric tools, electric vehicles, UPS, etc.
Electric vehicle type:Motor wattage:Recommended protection board
Two-wheel electric vehicle:500-800W:50A
Three-wheeled electric vehicle:ordinary:800-1000W:80A
Four-wheel electric vehicle:120A/150A
Package Included
1x BMS 6-20S 50A 80A 120A 150A 3.7V Li-ion Battery Protection Board Separate Port Version

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