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3pcs 12 in 1 Blue USB Tester DC Digital Voltmeter Amperemeter Voltagecurrent Meter Ammeter Detector Power Bank Charger indicator

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Technical parameters
Voltage measuring range:3.60V ~ 32.5 V Resolution precision:0.01 V
Current measuring range:0.00A ~ 5.00 A Resolution precision:0.01 A
Power cumulative range:0 ~ 999999 WH Resolution precision:0.001 Wh
Capacity range:0 ~ 999999 mAH Resolution precision:0.001 Ah
Temperature:0 → ~ + 80 → Resolution precision:1 →
D+ Voltage:0.000V ~ 2.999 V Resolution precision:0.001 V
D- Voltage:0.000V ~ 2.999 V Resolution precision:0.001 V
Load impedance:0 ~ 999 ohm Resolution precision:1 ohm
Power metering range:0 ~ 299.999 W Resolution precision:0.001 W
Timing maximum time:999 H 59 M 59 S Resolution precision:1 S
Time to refresh:> 500 ms/time > 500 ms/times
Measurement rate:0.5 times/s
Use large equipment of the same metal manganese bronze sampling resistor (1.0 mm diameter metal manganese bronze material
Product size:65 x 24 x 14 mm
Since the power flow
Working temperature:- 10 ~ + 60 →
Working humidity:10 ~ 80 (no doubt)
The pressure of work:80 ~ 106 kpa
Cumulative capacity range:0-99999 mah precision:0.001 Ah (New features or D+ D- Voltage)
Item size:65 * 24 * 14 mm
Net weight:19g
Package weight:28g
Function characteristics
1) 8192 pixels HD display;
2) D+ D- Voltage Tester
3) Memory power time data such as power;
4) The single monitoring shows charging voltage, current, power, power WH, mAH, charging time and other information;
5) USB is the copper pin and low resistance in sampling technology, access after almost does not affect the charging speed;
6) Wide voltage from 3.60 V to 32.5 V;
7) Low and lower power since the
8. When the power is > 0.5W, the time will be calculated!
Important Tips
1) Backlight default time is 10S time, through the key button, switch to the BL interface:10S time interface, double-click or three-click to increase(+) time or decrease(-) time the backlight time, and the same time backlight switch inchBL:OFF(time) ~BL:ON( time) 1S ~ 59S rangeinch Increase(+) or three-Click(-) after the reduction, then long press key is a continuous increase in the reduction.To meet the individual needs of users.
BL:10S→ USB tester default backlight time is 10S, 10S automatically turn off screen brightness
BL:ON→USB tester backlight is on, always on
BL:OFF→USB tester backlight is off, there is no backlight
3) When the ambient temperature changes or the outside heat conduction to tester causes the current to not return to zero and the display shows 0.01A or 0.02A or otherwise, Please Hold on the key button then insert to USB Charger It can make the current temperature of the ambient current zero calibration, After the zero can more accurate measurements. And when in Zero calibration, the output cannot have any load current consumption, so USB tester display 0.00A
Packing includes
3 x Digital USB Voltmeter Tester

Weight 0.048 kg


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