GY-AMG8833 IR 8×8 infrared thermal Imager Sensor Array Temperature Measurement Sensor Module with UNO R3 GY-AM Kit

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This sensor is an 8×8 thermopile array. This means you have a 64-pixel square array, each of which can independently detect temperature. It’s like having a thermal imaging camera (or carnivores’ vision), but with low resolution. It is part of the Qwiic system, so it is easier to connect to obtain low-resolution infrared images.
When connected to your microcontroller (or Raspberry Pi), it will return a set of 64 individual infrared temperature readings via I2C. It’s like those fancy cameras, but compact and simple for easy integration. The AMG8833 is the next-generation 8×8 thermal infrared sensor and provides higher performance than the previous AMG8831. The sensor only supports I2C and has a configurable interrupt pin, which can be triggered when any single pixel is above or below the threshold you set.
The AMG8833 infrared thermal imager sensor temperature measurement range is 0 C to 80 C (32 F to 176 F) with an accuracy of +-2.5 C (4.5 F). It can detect humans from a distance of up to 7 meters (23) feet. The maximum frame rate is 10Hz, which is ideal for creating your own body detector or mini thermal imager. We use this breakthrough code on Arduin0 or compatible (sensors communicate via I2C) or Raspberry Pi using Python. On the Pi, with the help of the image processing of the SciPy python library, we can insert an 8×8 grid and get some very good results!
Working voltage (start):1.6V-3.6V
Working voltage (timing):1.5V-3.6V
Current consumption:4.5 mA
8×8 thermopile array
Temperature range:0 C to 80 C (32 F to 176 F)
Accuracy:÷ 2.5 C (÷ 4.5 F)
Human detection distance:7 meters or less (22.966 feet)
I2c address:0x69 (open jumper, default) or 0x68 (close jumper)
Package includes
1 x GY- AMG8833 IR 8×8 infrared camera sensor
1 x UNO R3 board
1 x USB cable
1 x Jumper cable
1 x 8*8 LED board

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